Friday, October 01, 2004

Neutral Corners...

I want to make this clear.

I did not watch the debate last night.

Therefore, I am eminently qualified to comment on it.

First off, I thought that President Bush disrespected the whole process at the very beginning. Arriving at the debate venue in a fur coat surrounded by exotic dancers isn't very presidential. Also, his solid gold goblet[complete with "G-Dub" spelled out in diamond] on the podium was very distracting.

Senator Kerry didn't fare much better. I'm sure his handlers thought that crashing in through the ceiling on a jetpack would convey a sense of leadership. It came across as unnecessary, and the resulting debris cloud obscured the first 12 minutes.

And while I thought Jim Lehrer did an admirable job of moderating the debate, at times I felt he was too strident. Yes, Kerry did go over his alotted time for one of his responses, but that was no reason for Mr. Lehrer to break his finger and threaten to kill his children if it happened again.

The presentation left me scratching my head. I'm no prude, and I understand the need to attract an audience, but I question the use of the Man Show's Juggies as 'halftime entertainment'.

Overall, I felt that Senator Kerry won this particular debate. I don't condone his use of a taser, but it's hard lose a debate when your opponent is unconcious and twitching.

As I understand it, the next debate is due to take place in a 20-foot tall steel cage.

Take Care,

Mike G.

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