Saturday, October 02, 2004


This is unexpected.

It seems like someone's mounted a challenge to Erica Durance's supremacy in supplying links to this site.

Ms. Overstock, Sabine Ehrenfeld has been raking in the referrals recently. While I doubt the new campaign will do much for cheap books and DVDs, I am convinced that by this time next week, we'll know more about Miss Ehrenfeld than we would ever care to.

But all bets are off if Erica Durance shows up in any 'unfortunate' home videos.

Take Care,

Mike G.


JoeChongq said...

I must admit I have been wondering who she is too. Just saw her in another Overstock commercial so I went Googling and found her name. Its all about the G. Then with that found your page as the 9th result for her name. But not being satisfied I kept Googling.

I don't think I met your goal: "by this time next week, we'll know more about Miss Ehrenfeld than we would ever care to." But it is exactly a week after your post (almost right down to minute). Hopefully this will help further the search.

First I found a post about her at
The direct link is here: Talent Resume. Its got 7 pictures and a some more of where she has been acting.

I have always wondered about her slight accent, I was never sure but a few words sounded a bit British. Her resume says she speaks German and her last name comes up on a lot of German pages so likely has some German background. I don't know if thats what I am hearing or if its all in my head anyway.

I found an ebay marketplace page that was selling the Shape magazine she is on (why the title is Carlton Fisk I have no clue).

This site may offer a video of her first Overstock commercial, I haven't downloaded it, but it says its from 2003 and titled "Secret Of The Big O".

The second commercial (though haven't finished DLing that either) is available at

JoeChongq said...

Well I finished downloading the commercial from and it is the commercial from last year. The clipland link I gave loads the same file right off of Overstock's website. One is better than none I guess.

Going to you can see a tiny image of Sabine in the upper right.

Anonymous said...

I got the other commerical, the one where she wears a bunch of other stuff...

Giving free airplay for them to promote their site is basically my goal.

View them at: