Friday, October 29, 2004

Churining Out The Love...

Courtesy of the folks at Sitemeter, here's a couple of shoutouts to the Great Churn Nation:

The University of Erfurt:Opened in 1932, this institution was Gernmany's third university.

The University of North Texas:
Home of the Fighting Mean Green, and Alma Mater of several of The Ticket's hosts.

Widener University:
Founded in 1821 and located in Chester, PA.

The Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus:
While Churn may respectfully disagree with Republicans on some issues, I hope we can remain civil and friendly, especially in this fractious political season.

Go Kerry!

Since I don't speak Italian, I think they have something to do with phone services.

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office:
The place to go to once you've finally finished perfecting your combination floor wax/desset topping.


Take Care,

Mike G.

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