Monday, October 18, 2004

In This Very Ring...

Here's my roster for this week's fantasy wrestling. Shield your eyes.

Billy Kidman $2,750,000
Carlito Caribbean Cool $1,000,000
Christy $1,000,000
Eugene $3,500,000
Gene Snitsky $1,000,000
Luther Reigns $2,500,000
Mark Jindrak $1,000,000
Stacy Keibler $2,500,000
Sylvain Grenier $2,750,000
Tyson Tomko $1,000,000
Val Venis $1,000,000

On the Raw side, I've got 5 wrestlers that Will have a match at Taboo Tuesday, which means points regardless if they win or lose. Smackdown's a bit of a writeoff, but there's some point potential. As of right now, I'm either tied for or in 930th place, which isn't that bad.

Unless there's only 931 contestants

Take Care,

Mike G.

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