Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Churners Come Through!!!

First off, major Thank Yous go to Joseph of chongq. He wrote me about my post last week about Sabine Ehrenfeld, AKA the 'O' girl.

I posted that:

I am convinced that by this time next week, we'll know more about Miss Ehrenfeld than we would ever care to.

As near as I can tell, Miss O is still fairly anonymous, but Joseph did send me a new link that I have yet to see, and because I blog for the fans, and not the fame and glory, here it is:

Her talents include Basic Tactical Pistol and Private Pilot License!

tomorrow, I'll write about my triumphant comeback in the world of fantasy wrestling. NOTE: the Nerd Terror Alert Warning will be at ORANGE!.

Take Care,
Mike G.

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