Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Face It Tiger...

I am confused.

Everyone's favorite site Ain't It Cool has dropped some bigtime info on the Spider-Man 3. In addition to The Sandman and a mystery villain, Sam Raimi's tossing in another member of Spidey's supporting cast. Now that you've read the article, let's discuss.

So, who's Gwen Stacy? As always, we go To The Internet! [insert music sting]

Oh, here's a pic of a Gwen Stacy statue released a few years ago:

On a more basic level, Gwen is seen as almost the boundary line between what's known as the Silver and Modern Comic Ages. Arnold T. Blumberg gets crazy deep in that issue here.

But for the vast majority of fans, none of this matters, which really bugs me. As a comic book fan/geek/nerd, I've had to sit idly by as directors, screenwriters, studios and and nameless people in suits pore over characters I've loved for years and change them at will, so they can make scenes cheaper to film, or to avoid some aspect of the character that might take time to explain.

I've had to deal with organic web-shooters with Spider-Man, Jessica Alba as Susan Storm/Richards, A Dr. Doom with no Latveria, A Hulk movie that delves into inane discussion of fathers and sons [by the way, the word is that for the proposed sequel, he'll be smaller], and Ben. Affleck. [fine, Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin wasn't bad]

What's worse, the movie Tail winds up wagging the comic Dog, introducing new concepts in the very comics that inspired the films [organic webs]

Pointing out these inconsistencies does nothing but make you out as an obsessed comic fan. It's just more shuffling of characters and situations that doesn't seem necessary.

Mike G.

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