Thursday, January 19, 2006

Eww To The Nth Power...

So what bothers me is that apparently this person knew exactly what they were looking for, and was just unsure of the entire URL. I do think it's funny that they're looking for the retro stuff, since I suppose the modern day version doesn't have the charm of the old school. Maybe there's no sense of mystery anymore, like there used to be. [I have no idea]

The elapsed time tells me that they looked around the site for a while, perhaps thinking the 'good stuff' was hidden a few pages in. Technically, it's all Roger Ebert's fault, since it was his quote in my Planet of the Apes post that led to the search result.

And to think, I used to complain that the only people visiting Churn were those looking for Keeley Hazell pictures and the meaning of "Stand Back, Burrito".

Mike G.
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