Thursday, October 06, 2005

You Gotta To Eat...

A small dining suggestion for the Dallas audience.

Depending on where you live, finding a locally owned restaraunt can be difficult. Finding one that serves good food at a decent price is almost impossible.

Enter Highlands Cafe. I had lunch there today, and thought it was great. I had their 1/3 lb. hamburger [no tomato, no lettuce] with some of the best french fries I've ever had. Crispy on the outside, and steaming on the inside.

I've yet to sample the desserts, but give me time.

Of course, I don't expect you to take my word for it, so here's what the Dallas Morning News says. For those who shy away from 'corporate media', the alternative weekly paper Dallas Observer liked it enough to name it in their yearly Best Of issue.

Mike G.

Oh, for those wondering, the lovely lady featured below is Motor Lisa, captain of the Suicide Shifters. She's usually in a much sunnier mood.

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