Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Annoyance At The Speed Of Email...

Hi Folks.

In Churn's never-ending effort to make it easy for the reader to be disappointed with my writing, I've enabled Feedblitz on this blog. Feedblitz monitors RSS feeds, and sends you an email when they've been updated. It's great for those of you who don't have RSS readers or aren't online 23 hours a day.

Just look for the box at the bottom of the left-hand column. Enter you email address, and every night the system will check for new content, and send you a message if there is. No new content? No email. The really cool part is that since it's an email, you can get it on devices like smart phones and handhelds.

I'll be attempting to do some mobile blogging this weekend at the Wild Ass Wake.

Mike G.

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