Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lots More Science...

I'm fairly coherent now, so here goes...

I'm a nerd, and while it might not be readily apparent, if I'm not careful I can let loose with all sorts of nerd/geek/dork talk. Richard decided to take advantage of this fact and perform an experiment over the next few weeks, with the first stage occurring last night/this morning.

Originally, we tried to find out if an exotic dancer would tolerate nerd talk if there was the possibility of a financial reward [table dances, drinks, etc]. This week the nerd topic of choice was the world of professional wrestling.

So before we headed out to the club, I had to get wired for sound. I'm sure Richard will have pictures on his site soon, but for now just imagine every TV show where someone has to wear a wire to take down some crime boss. Unfortunately, there would be no SWAT team ready to crash through the ceiling as soon as I said the code phrase "Delta Execute!"

We'll discuss the results of my investigation on the show, and I'll post word when I know the date. But I will give you some observations:

Sony makes a very fine and durable MiniDisc player/recorder. I had it in my pocket disguised as my cell phone, and it took some pretty heavy 'damage' if you know what I mean.

While none of the ladies I interacted with knew who the current WWE Heavyweight Champion was [Batista], a majority of them were familiar with Hulk Hogan.

Due to some miscommunication and poor planning, one of the ladies seemed to be under the impression that I had a stone pit in my apartment all decked out with a bottle of lotion and a basket on the end of a rope.

That should be enough for now. For those who can't get enough of your humble author, Friday I'll be at the American Airlines Center enjoying some good old Dallas Desperados Arena Football. Also, I'll be in my pajamas and robe. I hope the transit cops won't mind.

Your pal,

Mike G.

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Linds said...

"It puts the lotion on it's skin!!"

Whaddya expect mikey, when you start babbling about wrestling when you should be ogling ta-ta's.

This could either be a very interesting experiment, or a complete disaster. Good luck.