Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mazel Tov!

To the latest occupant of the Popemobile, Benedict XVI.

While Churn has no great experience with the politics of the Vatican, it appears that the tradition of conservatism started in the waning years of Pope John Paul's tenure.

In the wake of recent scandals involving US priests, it will be interesting to see if the new Pope will try to revisit the issue. Note that Bernard Law, former Boston archbishop, was promoted to Cardinal, and even presided over one of the Pope's funeral masses.

And we haven't even gotten to topics like homosexuality, reproductive issues, and the role of women in the Church.

Finally, on a wildly different track, I'd like to give a Churn shout-out to the fine folks at Purdue. Actually, that one person who surfed around a few days ago. Go Boilermakers!

Your pal,

Mike G.

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Walt said...

and to make sure the Church continues to reach out to those of the Jewish faith, they elected a former member of the Hitler youth.
Good thinking!