Saturday, April 16, 2005

Worm Cont...

So through a series of events I won't get into here, Richard has become acquaintances with the aforementioned Dennis Rodman, and booked him for a stint of radio appearances.

Last night, Richard and Dennis hosted a party at what I understand to be one of Dallas's finest 'clothing optional' clubs. There in the midst of the smoke and lights, I decided to come up with a list[I heard somewhere that everybody loves lists].

Inappropriate Strip Club Songs:

  • Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin: a sad tale of childhood lost by a father too caught up in other things.
  • One Tin Soldier by Coven: a 1971 song also known as the Legend of Billy Jack; a song so treacly it may give you cavities.
  • The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot: a song based on the real-life story of an ore freighter lost in one of the worst recorded storms in history. It sank in 1975 on Lake Superior. All hands were lost.
  • Hurt by Johnny Cash: a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song, made especially poignant by the video, in which a younger, defiant Cash from old footage and pictures is overshadowed by the Cash of today. He died roughly a year after this song's album was released.
  • Anything by Red Sovine: One of the masters of the 'trucker song' genre, his songs run the gamut from crippled boys, blinded truckers, dead wives, and kids hit by trains.
  • American Pie by Don McLean: there are some questions about the true meaning of this song, but most feel it to be atribute to the Buddy Holly and the change to rock and roll as a result.

There are a whole lot more bad songs out there; I'm just way too tired to think of any.

I've got some other thoughts about the party, and I'll tell you about them later.

Mike G.

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