Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tonight's Specials Are...

With floundering nighttime sales, "Applebee's After Dark" attempts to add a new level of maturity to their Riblets and low-carb wraps. Posted by Hello

Actually, I need to back up a bit.

This past Saturday, my good friend Richard "Big Dick" Hunter of the P1 Wild Ass Circus celebrated his birthday at an establishment where ecdysiasts practiced their wares. My knowledge of these places has been limited to late night cable, so I figured I had to go not just to celebrate my friend's birthday, but as a new cultural experience. I won't bore you with all the details, but I did have a few observations.

Pecking Order
There are definite castes in this particular world, and it's not difficult to place each 'entertainer' in her specific slot.

While not ubiquitous, the mullet and lower back tattoo is out in force.

Food on the Table
I firmly believe that without these places of business, foreign techno groups like EMF amd Technotronic would die of starvation.

Lock-On Target
Wile the birthday party was being held in a separate section of the club, on occasion, a few ladies would wind their way through. They were like sharks prowling the seas, except instead of blood, they were smelling the dyes used in printing U.S Currency. Since I had little cash and don't drink, I was in Stealth mode, and invisible to their radar.

Which leads me to the photo.

I had been on the P1WAC a few days prior, and had told Richard about my lack of club experience. I suppose it gave him an idea, because that night, I was talking to someone when one of the entertainers walked up to me and began to...well, you get the idea. She told me her name was Ecstasy, but I suspect that may be an alias.

While not having anything to directly compare her work to, I thought she did a fine job. As far as 'participation' goes, I admit I erred on the side of caution. Of course, after I saw what others were doing, I realized I had nothing to worry about.

All in all, it was an entertaining and educational evening. Will I go back again? I don't know. I just bought the Star Wars DVDs, so I'll be busy for a while...

Take Care,

Mike G.

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