Thursday, September 02, 2004


Now, this isn't on the same level as Batman vs. Captain America, but it's still pretty big.

A few days ago Mark Millar of Authority and Ultimates fame, announced on his site that Jim Caviezel was set to play Superman in the upcoming movie helmed by Bryan Singer. As you know, Singer was the director of the 2 X-Men movies. Like news on the Internet is wont to do, word began to spread from site to site and even made it to the New York Post.

Enter Harry Knowles.

Mr. Aint-It-Cool-News posted on his site that Millar was mistaken and that no decision had been made as of yet.

Millar responded with a challenge. Given the people involved, you wouldn't be mistaken if you guessed it wasn't physical.

He put up a thousand dollar bet that Mr. Caviezel would have the role of Superman by the time shooting begin. Harry accepted, and the proceeds will go to their favorite charity, depending on who wins.

Newsarama has the whole story if you want more info.

I read somewhere that actors who have portrayed Jesus run into problems both professionally and spriritually. I can't even imagine the double whammy that awaits the guy that's played both Jesus AND Superman.

Take Care,

Mike G.

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