Saturday, February 04, 2006

Who Gets The Nice Bedroom?

Even though I'm no longer appearing there on a semi-weekly basis, I still listen on occasion to 1310AM The Ticket.

The afternoon show, The Hardline has a recurring segment that's slightly dark but sometimes fascinating. Not only do they subscribe to the theory of the trifecta, or belief that bad things come in groups of threes, but they also hold that the the three unfortunate souls must share a three bedroom apartment in the afterlife.

So we've got feminist author Betty Friedan, beloved actor Al Lewis, and less than 24 hours for the third tenant.

Could it be Dick Bass?

Or is there someone waiting in the wings, so to speak?

And we haven't even discussed how they're going to split up the weekly chores once they find their third.

Mike G.

1 comment:

BrotherMike said...

Looks like this one never got a 3rd. Does that mean they share an efficiency?