Friday, February 10, 2006

And Now the Churn Delegation...

So I'm watching the opening ceremonies, and my first thought:

This is the greatest collection of odd hats in one place ever. From knit baseball caps with built-in pigtails for Germany, Kyrgyzstan's two-level sailing hats, Mongolia's fox-head creations, to the US berets that were made by a Canadian company.

Secondly, I'm not sure what to think about the countries that send one or two 'competitors'. I know that at its core, the Olympics should be about international cooperation and understanding, but I'm wondering how much easier it would be if the Olympic Comittee just sent them a few pins and t-shirts and told them to stay home. Also, by the time the games are over, we'll be treated to an assault of touching vignettes about the Argentinian entry in the biathalon, and how due to bad planning he was unable to bring his skis to the event. [I made that part up]

And I'm curious as to what might happen about nine months from now. By the time the closing ceremonies wrap up, folks will be able to say "No really, I'll call you." in about 4 different languages.

Mike G.

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