Thursday, February 23, 2006


All hail to the greatness that is SuperHeroHype...

According to Sony, this is a color photo of Spider-Man, which opens up a whole kettle of fish. To be more precise, your nerd level can be approximated by your response to the picture. Oh, nitpickers can grab a super-size version here.

The Black Costume came about almost as an accident.

While fighting The Secret War, Spidey picked up what he thought was a futuristic costume but instead was an alien symbiote. Spidey rejected the symbiote, which later bonded with reporter Eddie Brock and became Venom. Not to make a long story longer, but as of this writing, the current Venom is Mac Gargan, better known as the Scorpion.

But as readers of Churn know, Comics and Movies based on those Comics usually have very little in common. Most sources claim that actor Topher Grace is playing a character named Venom, but it's unknown which version. Ain't It Cool's claiming that it might be The Ultimate Marvel version, but that conflicts with other rumors.

So, what could make Peter Parker create a new costume without the red and blue? Will it have the white spider insert? Could it be that this isn't a picture of Peter Parker?

It is known that Thomas Haden Church will play The Sandman, and Every Orthodontist's Dream Kirsten Dunst is still Mary Jane.

Mike G.

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