Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wake Up The Echoes...?

I usually don't get too sportsy here[I like to leave that stuff in more capable hands like The Sturminator's or T-Walk's.] I'm still not too sure why people come to this site, but I think I can rule out my vast sports knowledge as a reason.

That said, it was with a bit of glee that I saw the Notre Dame Fighting Irish defeat Michigan 17-10. For more details, I bring you a variety of choices:

CBS Sportsline

The NY Times

Canada's TSN

NBC's Notre Dame Central

I'm trying not to be too pleased, because I still remember what happened a few years ago with Tyrone Willingham.

Well, that should do it for the sports stuff. If I can get motivated for it, I'll write up something about my WWE Fantasy season, and how I got blindsided in the final weeks.

Mike G.


Anonymous said...

i'd like to say, as sincerely as i can, fuck notre dame.

thank you.

Unknown said...

you know what, I'm just glad that Paul left a comment. Besides, I'm sure the LSU juggernaut will come off their Katrina-Fueled pity train.

Anonymous said...

you're one of the better mustache groomers of our time, but leave the football ass-kicking to the angry coonasses.