Monday, September 05, 2005


This'll just cover some of the highlights...

I first want to give all of the Derby Devils huge thank yous for letting me into their dysfunctional happy family.

It's crazy when you think that just about two months ago to the day, I was in a boxing ring ready to take on one of the girls[Razen Kane] in a grudge match.

Flash forward to me preparing to do color commentary for tonight's bout, which featured the Suicide Shifters squaring off against the High Seas Hotties.

Special thanks to Deadly Belladonna of the Shifters, for acquiring my outfit/costume. We were going for 'tacky news anchor' and Belladonna performed a bad taste miracle, outfitting me in a fire-engine red coat with a pale yellow shirt. Topping off the ensemble was a black and tan tie criss-crossed with rows of dots. but this looked tame compared to my broadcast partner, who dressed as a pirate.

More tomorrow...

Mike G.

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Motor Lisa said...

You did such a great job Mike. We are really lucky to have you on board. I only wish you had made it to the after party where our "dysfunctional family" partook in authentic dysfunctional debauchery.

you are a valuable and loved addition.

Motor Lisa