Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Heads Are Rolling...

In an attempt to feel better about my impending doom, Here's some people who are also experiencing some hard times.

In anticipation of their move to USA Network from SpikeTV, the WWE released some of their performers. The reasoning goes that since the WWE won't have the ad rights during their shows, they stand to lose a good 10 percent of Total Revenue.

Here's the latest list of cuts with some commentary thrown in.

Joy Giovanni - One of the interchangeable Divas. As hot as she was, her only real TV time was spent locked in a trunk. She was originally meant to be Big Show's girlfriend, but the visual picture that caused is just...ew.

Kenzo Suzuki - Talented cruiserweight, but made little or no impact.

Matt Morgan - Seemed to show potential as Carlito's backup, his fate was sealed when he made the jump to RAW.

Charlie Haas - Another guy that could have made it, but just didn't. At least he found his true love...

Jackie Gayda - A product of MTV's Tough Enough, she dated Charlie on and off camera, and they recently married.

Marty Jannetty - Not unexpected. Marty was brought in for a quick cameo a while ago, but surprised everyone when he showed he still had something. A case of riding the gravy train to it's eventual end.

Dawn Marie - Was cast to be a villainess against the other Divas, which wasn't that much of a stretch from her role in ECW. During her stay in the WWE, she seduced and married Al Wilson, father of Torrie, and killed him during a night of passion.

Mark Jindrak - A case of the manager surpassing the wrestler. Teddy Long touted him as the 'reflection of perfection'. I hope they let him keep the mirror.

Maven - The first winner of Tough Enough. Had some early fame as a rookie. Reduced recently to being running buddies with Simon Dean.

Shannon Moore - Yet Another Cruiserweight; was once the only follower of Matt Hardy Version 1.

James Yun (Akio) - Yes, Another Cruiserweight.

David Heath (Gangrel) - Had just about the coolest entrance in all of pro wrestling. Even though his vampire teeth, puffy shirt and chalice full of red corn syrup scream 'Goth Kid', it worked. Hard to fathom that Edge and Christian were brought in to support his persona and shtick.

Billy Kidman - This is one of the most startling cuts. A perennial Cruiserweight Champ, Kidman has always been a strong performer in and out of the ring. And when you find out that he's married to Torrie Wilson, you'd think that his spot was ironclad.

Kevin Fertig - Was known as Mordecai. You will be forgiven if you have no idea who this was.

Spike Dudley - Another shocker. The 'runt of the litter' could always be counted on to take a crazy bump.

In related news, the WWE also said they will not be renewing the contracts of The Dudley Boyz. Ever since their days in ECW, they've been a dominant force in the tag-team division. As I understand it, they were kept off of TV in the months prior to One Night Stand to give their appearance a special feel. I guess having it be your last is pretty special.

I might have to write another post about how this impacts my Fantasy Wrestling roster.

Or not.

Mike G.

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