Tuesday, July 05, 2005

2 Days Left...

I invite all members of the blogosphere and conventional media to bear witness to the weigh-in and face-to-face confrontation between I and Razen Kane. The weigh-in will be tomorrow night, but we'll be facing off in the ring Thursday night for The Ticket's Fight Night. In addition to the radio and Internet broadcast, you should also be able to see a plausibly live slideshow.

If you won't be able to listen to the fight, please come back to the blog Thursday night for a quick audio recap.

Hopefully, everything will go well, but in case she decides to re-create the end of Million Dollar Baby, it's been fun.


Mike G.


Big Anthony said...


Sir it has been an honor to know you. When she kills you can I have your IPOD. Anyway good luck sir and have good and get give. I will try to see you out there

Anonymous said...

prepare to meet your doom blogger boy.