Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Some random thoughts for you and yours...

Who decided that getting Darius Rucker, Brooke Burke, Vida Guerra, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders together in a psychadelic western themed wonderland would be the perfect way to get people to eat chicken sandwiches?

Secondly, I've gotten along just fine so far without having to even think about something called "The O.C. "

But, thanks to certified nutbag George Lucas,
I have to devote precious space just so I can be depressed about how bad the movie's going to be.

The tragic life of the nerd.

Take Care Folks,

Mike G.

1 comment:

Dev said...

Don't be scared. In true Pollyanna fashion, I'm certain that 'Sith' will FINALLY be the movie we've been hoping Lucas would make. 'Clones' wasn't that bad. It's just that we're not 10 anymore, and our tastes are a little more refined.