Monday, March 07, 2005

Helpful Hint...

Hi there.

Let me apologize once again to all thse who wind their way here hoping to find some nudity. I can make this assumption based on the number of visits this site gets that last less than 30 seconds. I suppose when you're looking for naked pics of Candice Michelle, you don't have time for anything else.

But I'm not bothered. In fact, I'm offering what might be a solution. With the advent of RSS and other methods of distribution, we're getting closer to the unfufilled promise of 'push' where information relevant to you would get pushed to your desktop.

I'm using a piece of software called Pluck. You can either use it as a standalone program, or integrate it with your browser. Basically, it tracks just about any site with an RSS feed and lets you know when they're updated. It can also keep track of your own personal searches. I'm finding it very useful, and hopefully some of you might too.

Finally on a completely unrelated note, we here at Churn Central are celebrating what will likely be our best showing in WWE Fantasy. Thanks to Orlando Jordan's surprising victory over John Cena, Team Churn was launched into 251st place.

Hoping that Martha Stewart hasn't become institutionalized[like Brooks in Shawshank],

Mike G.

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