Sunday, August 17, 2003

I Like To Eat...

First, my apolgies on the lack of updates.

This weekend was a fairly positive one for yours truly. I decided to treat myself by going to one of the most amazing restaraunts in the known World. It's called Texas De Brazil and the concept is fairly simple. Meat, Meat, Meat and Meat. First off, you're treated to a salad bar that stands head and shoulders above almost all others. Then you're given a small medallion, green on one side and red on the other. Place the coin green side up, and the fun begins. Waiters with skewers loaded up with beef, pork, and chicken come by your table and with a pair of tongs, you grab a slice of what you want. One of the highlights is a chunk of filet mignon wrapped with bacon. Also excellent is a sirloin rubbed with garlic. That's not including the fried bananas or the garlic mashed potatoes on the side.

Needless to say, I partook of many of their selections. Lunch runs about $18, but it's worth it. Besides, if you plan ahead, after your meal, you won't have to eat again for at least 2-3 days.

Ah, but gorging on fine meats and cheeses was not my only diversion. I attended one of the best comedy shows I know. Of course, it's one of the only comedy shows I know, but let's not split hairs.

For about the past year, I've been a big fan of the group Pavlov's Dogs. Honestly, the best thing I can say about these guys and gals is that they're funny. Very Funny. Even when that sworn Enemy of Comedy raises its ugly head. Of course I'm talking about....

Drunk Guy Who Thinks He's Hilarious.

This can be anyone. Creed, color, orientation, play no part. Simply add enough alcohol to override common sense, and voila!

Anyways, these folks do a great job in either shutting up the offender, or reversing the gag back on him, usually without him even noticing. One of their best "gimmicks" is the Nightmare skit, in which they take an audience member, ask him or her about a particular bad day, and proceed to create a sketch utilizing their responses. What really stands out is their ability to connect one gag earlier in the show with something completely unrelated. As a final note of praise, they seemed totally at ease when they noticed that I was showing up at each bi-monthly show. In fact, some have even said hi without a trace of fear or disgust.

Well, that should be enough for a while. Be back soon.

p.s. I know i'm late to the party, but I feel this blog is pretty fair and balanced.


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