Friday, August 08, 2003

Brushes With Fame!

First off, The interview with Mick Foley was great. He is a genuinely cool guy and it was a blast talking to him. He even stuck around longer than he was supposed to. Even if you have no interest in wrestling, I highly recommend picking up any of his books. I also want to give major props to Big Dick Hunter for letting me help with the interview. Just as a reminder, you can hear the P1 Wild Ass Circus weeknights 8-10CST on 1310AM The Ticket.

Today I was feeling the need for uncooked fish so I went to Todai, a seafood buffet. While I don't know enough about Japanese food, I think it's pretty good. Anyways, during the meal I spy someone vaguely familiar. Then it hit me. Comic artist Scott Kurtz was eating a few tables away from me. I had met him briefly at a Sci-Fi Convention last month.

If you don't know who Scott Kurtz is, then click on this right away. Scott draws the extemely funny web comic PvP. It's also published in collected form by Image Comics. If you don't know where your local comic book shop is [For Shame!] the simply call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.

Anyways, we chatted for a minute, and then I let him finish his meal. Really nice guy.

As far as celebrity meetings go, it ranks up there with that time I kicked Castro's ass at Jedi Outcast, and cooler than the time I accidentally hit Peter Jackson with a tire iron.



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