Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Blue Screen of Death

I am almost at my wit's end[not that far of a distance].

My computer had decided to take a leave of absence, and I'm pretty much
tired of it all.

I was considering taking a small vacation later in the year, but
instead I'll be embarking upon an even greater quest:

Finding a kickass pc that won't kick mine. I've pretty much decided not
to go with the 'big name' companies [i.e Dell, Gateway, etc] and
instead look for a more specialized dealer. Of course, those guys can clean
out your wallet just as fast as the big guys. I'll let you know how the search is going.

The other day I said Goodbye to what was for a while, one of the few
important things to me.

Without getting too much into it, I figure a link should be enough:

Check it out.

And before you judge, I just want to say that I was in college at the time, and was
into some freaky stuff.

Catch you later,

Mike G

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