Tuesday, November 29, 2005

With two more weeks to go in this season of WWE Fantasy, Churn Life is finally back where they belong. As general manager of Churn Life, I'd like to thank everyone on our roster for all their hard work. It's hard to believe that we were once in next-to-last place, but we can't be complacent with two more weeks to go. Courage, Mike G
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Anonymous said...

It's really too bad that I forgot to play the first week because I think I would have been right there with you Mr. G. But I digress.

JustDevin said...

You don't digress, you whine. The start date is the start date. And knowing when the game started didn't help me one iota. My firm and resounding thud into last place is sad and pathetic. [click]

Anonymous said...

And I...just as in life...am in the middle of the pack. *sigh* Next time, I am naming my team 'The Embodiment of Charlie Brown'.