Saturday, November 26, 2005

Home Again...

Hope everyone had a good holiday. It was nice to put my own life on hold for a few days and spend time with the family.

I did get volunteered for Black Friday duty, since noone else in the house was willing to brave the crowds at our local supercenter. All I can say is I hope that niece of mine appreciates what I went through so she could have that Cabbage Patch Baby. Of course, she's not even two years old, so she'll probably have as much fun with the box.

The dinner was a real family affair, and even though my pecan pie wasn't a complete success[a rare misfire], my pumpkin pie seemed to make up for it.

On the way home [thank you Southwest] I got to engage in a bit of people-watching, since I usually blend into the background pretty quickly. I got to witness your everyday Abercrombie and Fitch guy use every move at his disposal in an attempt to win over a very pretty young lady across the aisle. I was especially impressed by his tactic of linking 'common friends', when it was pretty clear that he had no clue. Unfortunately for him, the young lady's flight continued on to San Antonio. Best of luck to her and her future modeling plans, and better luck next time to Mr. Fitch.

Mike G.

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