Friday, June 24, 2005

Vengeance Is A Dish Best Served On PPV...

Hey Guys,

After a month off, we're back to a 'traditional' WWE PPV in the form of Vengeance. The card looks pretty balanced story and wrestling wise, with [so far] a minimum of silliness. Here we go...

World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Triple H (Hell in a Cell)

After losses at Wrestlemania and Backlash, HHH looks to win back the Big Gold Belt. In his way will be DAVE Ba[u]tista and 'the most demonic structure ever devised' the Hell In A Cell.

I think Batista has made himself a credible champ. Of course, having The Game chase you for the belt makes you legit. With Summerslam coming up next month, I think Batista will hold onto the belt. Remember, Edge still has his title shot in his briefcase, and I don't see him getting fed to HHH. The problem with predicting this stuff is that it becomes a question of when, and not if HHH will be the champ again.

I see both guys wearing the crimson mask, but not at the levels of Judgment Day's I Quit match. Don't look for any huge bumps either. Note: The Hell in the Cell was sullied twice by the late Big Boss Man [Kennel in Hell, 'hanging' WM XV]

Kane vs. Edge (w/Lita)

Real life meets wrestling and the result is...ehh.

So Kane had beaten Matt Hardy in a match, which gave him the right to marry Lita. That was fair, since she was carrying his demon-seed. In case you forgot, Kane is The Undertaker's half-brother. Unfortunately, she lost the hellspawn in an accident [not caused by Gene Snitsky] but it did bring them closer together. Or so Kane thought. Actually, she and Edge were secretly scheming to ensure that Edge would win RAW's Gold Rush Tournament. Once her betrayal was complete, she further tormented Kane by flushing her wedding ring, forgiving Gene and even marrying Edge on the air. Kane has been despondent, but recently seems to have gotten back some of his fire.

The real life story makes just about as much sense. Essentially, the one guy who did nothing wrong gets to sit at home and watch the happy couple laugh at the fact he's not there.

I see Kane getting over here due to some miscommunication between Edge and Lita. I'd like to see Trish Stratus make a surprise appearance, but I won't hold my breath.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Christian vs. Chris Jericho

John Cena's move to RAW raised the stakes of the Draft Lottery. The addition of another belt seems to be more trouble than it's worth. On the bright side, it's given Christian a bigger spotlight. Since the WWE hasn't clarified the importance of the WWE Championship [as it looks like it will be replaced on Smackdown], I'll go out on a limb and say that Cena retains, since I don't think either Jericho or Christian would like the blinged-out belt.

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

After a great match from Wrestlemania, the Draft Lottery comes through again. Angle and Michaels will lace them up again in a match designed to draw in the wrestling workrate fan. I see Shawn winning this match, opening the door to a rubber match at Summerslam.

Intercontinental Champion Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin

Another Draft pick created match. Carlito is an example of someone taking the ball and running with it. From his first appearance on Smackdown, where he won the US Championship, to remaining a top heel while working through injury. He won the Intercontinental Title his first night on RAW against one of the strongest IC champs this side of Ricky Steamboat. He's even survived the loss of a lackey [Jesus] and even given enough of a rub to Matt Morgan so he can survive without him.

Shelton has become very entertaining to watch. He's slowly improving on the mic, and I fully expect him to be World Champ soon.

This is tricky. I think at this point, both guys don't really need the belt. I'll go with my gut and say that Shelton wins back his IC belt.

Victoria vs. Christy

A cute girl who can't wrestle vs. a cute girl who can. This would be easy to predict if not for the fact that is the WWE we're talking about. I'll go against conventional wisdom and say Victoria takes the match.

This is up-to-date as of Fri. night. Notice that there is no Tag Team Title Match as of yet. look to Sunday Night Heat to possibly announce another match or two.


Mike G.

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