Tuesday, June 28, 2005


While this has very little to do with my daily life, I did like how this news item sort of slipped in under the radar, amidst all the news about Bush's speech on Iraq.

In short, gay folks can marry each other in Canada.

technically, I should be against it, I just have yet to hear a good enough reason why two people getting together and making a public commitment to each other is such a bad idea.

And now for a massive left turn...

As a comic book geek, it's my duty to slam movies months before they come up. With Fantastic Four coming out in a little over the week, I thought I would buck the trend and say something positive about the film.

first, here's a picture of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.[actually, he's the second one to use the name, but that's another story] I believe it was drawn by Salvador LaRocca, but I could be mistaken...

And now here's a still from the new movie, as portayed by a bunch of CGI and actor Chris Evans...

Even if the movie is as bad as some are saying, I give the folks responsible full marks for at least getting Human Torch right.


Mike G.

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