Friday, June 03, 2005


So it looks like my circle of acquaintances is getting more and more interested in 'this blogging thing'. I figured I'll take this moment to list a few of them and encourage Churn Nation to visit them.

  • Brother Mike: almost as big a nerd as I am, he offers a nicely jaundiced look at life. He and I also review WWE Pay-Per-Views for the P1WAC. Interesting fact: on the air we accidentally revealed he was having marriage trouble. [they worked things out]
  • Devin Pike: been doing the blog thing for a while now. I first met him attempting suicide by donut. He's the one on the right. His opponent? A man we call Big Anthony. It turns out about how you'd expect. Devin is a media connoisseur, and even offers up a podcast.
  • Richard "Big Dick" Hunter: Whatever tiny bit of recognition I get, this man is responsible for 99% of it. Thanks to him, I've met celebrities, traveled cross-country, and even attended his wedding in the center of a brothel [Hi Shelly!]. I've also gone undercover at a strip club with a hidden mic to bore the dancers with my Star Wars knowledge. A great guy who's tolerated me for way too long.
  • Rowdy Hating Walt: One of the founding members of Miscom. It's concentrated bitterness, with a hint of liberal anger. Tip: read his blog in a Fozzie Bear voice for added comedy.
  • The Duchess: A sweetheart, she's my first choice if I ever have to play the "Unsubtantiated Canadian Girlfriend" card. She puts a lot of heart into her entries and it really comes across.
  • Ty Walker: Responsible for maintaining sports credibility on the P1WAC, he gives the listener the latest sports headlines every 20 minutes. The newest blogger on this list, I'm curious as to the direction the old lummox will go.

Well, that about covers it. If anyone out there wants me to give their blog the oh-so illustrious Churn Shout-Out, let me know.

Finally, to restore some credibility of my own, enjoy these pictures of Jessica Simpson washing the General Lee.


Mike G.

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Linds said...

Awww mike!

Your always welcome to come up and meet some of my lovely canadian galpals that would totally appreciate you!!

Thanks for the shoutout! You're number one!