Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Well, Whaddaya Know...

Just looking over the stats for this experiment we like to call Churn, and I'm starting to see some patterns.

1. People are still coming here looking for some Gmail love. After the market value dropped due to an invite increase, my plans for wealth beyond my wildest dreams had to be scaled back somewhat. Instead, I had to become altruistic about the whole thing. Bottom line, my little Gmail tree is now bare. Thanks to those who wrote in, and I hope you continue to visit this litle blog.

2. As a bit of a counterpoint to the above, a large percentage of visitors get here via {Self Referring/Bookmarker}. I think that means that you've arrived here directly or via a bookmark. If so, then many thanks to you folks for visiting, and actually coming back. If there's any criticism you have for the blog, please comment and tell me so. Yeah, most of the writing is just so I can vent, but if I didn't want anyone else to see it, I'd have a diary.

Again, thanks for reading.

Mike G.

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