Wednesday, May 05, 2004

A Burning Bush and the Mouse That Roared....

I should warn you, the following may be a bit liberal for some readers.

So Michael Moore, author and film maker has a new movie, called Farenheit 911, which explores the links between President Bush and the Saudis.

Miramax, the same people who released the Kill Bill movies, was set to distribute the film in the U.S.

That is until Disney {Miramax's owners} decided to forbid them from doing so.

So the big fat hairy question is....why?

Depends on who you ask. Moore's agent claims that Michael Eisner told him that the film would anger Bush's brother, Jeb. Since Jeb is the governor of Florida, the film would jeopardize Disney's tax breaks in Florida.

Disney denies the claim, stating that the company simply doesn't want to be " dragged into a highly charged partisan political battle".

I won't say who's right or wrong here, but it seems to me that Disney just made a mistake. The more they try to hush this film up, the more people are going to want to see it. Wouldn't you rush to see a film that 'Disney didn't want you to see'?

In 24 news, boy is that Sherry Palmer a sneaky one. Unfortunately, I can't take Senator Keeler seriously because I keep looking for Mr. Floppy whenever he has a scene.

Take Care,

Mike G.

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