Saturday, July 26, 2003

Charity. Without all that work.

Hey Guys.

Fellow blogger and P1 Devin is involved in a really neat project for charity. Here's where you can read more about it. If you can, kick in a few bucks.

One of my hobbies/obsessions is toys, and lately the Lego Ccorporation has sucked me in with their latest release of the Bionicle line. I thought I was safe, since their last release [the Bohrok-Kal] were more or less repaints.

Enter the Rahkshi. All I can say is that there are times I'm glad that huge corporations like Wal-Mart can undersell all their competitors. Yeah, a diverse marketplace is all well and good, but give me my Rollbacks and I'll shut up.

If anyone cares, here and here have all the info you could ever want about these toys.

Finally, I read where the ratings for The Price is Right have been increasing among the younger demographics that all the advertisers are looking for. You know, you can have your Fear Factors and Dating/Marriage Shows, but for me, true drama is when that little mountain climber dude is nearing the top of the hill. Or when that Plinko chip is bouncing its way toward the bottom of the board and possibly the $10,000 slot.

Man, I need some sleep.


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