Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lost In The Layers...

So, read the new Gary Troup mystery novel yet?

Depending on your TV viewing habits, you're either a fan of LOST, or 70's era New Zealand cricketers. [Thanks, Google!]

Today's post is for the former group.

As near as I can figure, Gary hasn't even been seen on the island yet.

Even though I'm not a big fan of the show, I love the meta-ness of it all. A fictional character from a show has written a book featuring other fictional characters, which will most likely allude to events in and about the first show.

My friends who watch the show are fairly divided as to what 'the deal' is with the show. Some think no one survived the crash and are in some sort of afterlife, one believes the whole island is someone's hallucination, and the more cynical one feels that the writers are flying blind[until the show's last season].

Finally, for fans of the burrito-y goodness that is Chipotle, they're running a neat promotion. This Saturday and Sunday, remember to keep your receipt when you buy your food. It's good for a free burrito anytime May 8-14.

Mike G.

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