Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What Does That Mean?

If you're a fan of monkey puppets with cute voices, you might be a fan of The Anti-Personal Space Monkey.

ASPM and his hard-hitting interview style make for some fascinating viewing. He's also confronted America's own Miscom and frankly, he dominated.

Mike G.


paul said...

he dominated *ceepe*.

and, uh, i tried to make friends and grubes hid under the table until the segment was over.

Ceepe said...

I can always count on Paul to back me up in a time of need.

Thesporq said...

I understand.

That monkey can sure cut through the BS and get to the heart of the matter.

Mike G.

APSM said...


I will make Ceepe my bitch.

Thesporq said...

Oh Joy and Rapture!

The beginnings of the first flamewar on my blog!

Time to stoke the embers a bit.

Ceepe = Pussy.

APSM = Glorified Sock.

Anti Personal Space Monkey said...

Mike G is now officially, second only to Ceepe, mortal enemy of APSM.

While I agree that Ceepe is a pussy man who is 'afeared' of squirrels...I strongly take offense at being called an overglorified sock.

I advise you, Mr. Sporkman, to stand down.

Anti Personal Space Monkey said...

let alone a plain ol' glorified sock.

APSM is sleepy.

JustDevin said...

Well, I, for one, welcome our new Anti-Personal Space Monkey overlords. Bow down, bitches.