Friday, December 02, 2005

Keeping it Real Real...

My good pal Big Dick Hunter has the unique ability to get along with almost everyone. During his time at The Ticket, he interviewed people from just about every walk of life, and even if he disagreed with their opinions, he was always polite and respectful. The only thing that really irked him was dishonesty.

Enter Michael Irvin.

Richard has never been a fan of the 'Playmaker', but not because of his actions on or off the field. Rather, it was his penchant for bringing up his past bad behavior as a point of pride. According to Richard, it was like Michael never wanted you to forget that if he wanted to, he could nail every woman in the place.

With Michael's arrest earlier this week, I was wondering how Richard would respond. It didn't take long, as he wrote an article for The Dallas Sports Page, where you can download the issue for free. As a special bonus, Richard's also posted a recording of the time Irvin and Deion Sanders hosted a show on The Ticket, and their confrontation.

After you read the article, jump back to his blog for some secret info the Sports Page editors were afraid to publish.

Mike G.


Chubbs said...

As I was telling Brother Mike the other day, DFW radio goes completely into the toilet at 7. Plus if the Mavs or Stars aren't playing then there is VERY little to tune into these days. I have my music, but I am not always in the mood to jam out. *sigh*

Chubbs said...

Damn it all, I have an itchy send button finger. The whole reason for sending a comment was to tell the Churn Nation that Richard was a breath a fresh air with all the ass kissing that goes these days with right and on the Ticket to some extent.