Friday, August 19, 2005

A New Discovery...

I discovered a brand new place to eat today, and since I have a blog, I really had no choice but to tell you about it.

Since I'll probably won't be up north anytime soon, I've had to make do with the frozen version of White Castle. I know some people can't stand them, but I think they're great. I figured that would be as close as I would get to the real thing without moving.

But due to a wrong turn and my inability to read a map, I found something that might do in a pinch.

It's called Krystal, and in addition to being a fine name for a stripper or porn star, it's also a pretty good place to eat.

Apparently, it's been around since 1932, and is sort of like a southern version of White Castle. I'll grant that their menus are similar, even litigiously so. I think the fact that the two chains have mostly stayed out of each other's way has kept the lawyers at bay.

As for the food? The burgers could stand a bit more spice, but the chicken sandwiches are surprisingly good, as well as the fries. They also serve some sort of grits-egg-sausage-cheese layered parfait sort of thing for breakfast, but I'll let someone else try it.

Mike G.

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Jerilyn said...

I am excited - - I am about to move from Irving into Addison - - - much closer to the Krystal's there!