Sunday, January 16, 2005

Let's Get Ready To...

Make plans for the Royal Rumble!

It's been a while since I've gone over my WWE Fantasy picks. And since nothing particularly exciting has happened recently, I thought it would be a good time to do so.

Season two has been going on for about 8 weeks or so, and since then, I've amassed a whopping 1075 points.

That may sound pretty good, until you find out that the team in first place has 1437. That means I am currently in 914th place. I did make a pretty severe tactical error about a week ago, by not choosing an all RAW roster the week of New Year's Revolution. I'll need to remember to alter my picks for next week, with the Royal Rumble on Jan. 30th.

So without further ado, my picks for this week, Smackdown first and RAW second.

Doug Basham $2,000,000
Torrie Wilson $1,000,000
Funaki $1,000,000
Luther Reigns $3,000,000

With their Tag Team title win, I figured it made sense to have one of the Bashams on my roster. The fact that he's only 2 mil was another factor in his favor. Funaki has been an incredible investment since winning the Cruiserweight belt at Armageddon. Luther Reigns, as a member of Kurt Angle's group/gang, earns lots of points without risking too much money. Torrie? I just threw her in because there's a better than zero chance that Torrie will come out in a bikini.

Batista $4,000,000
Shelton Benjamin $3,500,000
Trish Stratus $2,500,000
Christy $1,000,000
Muhammad Hassan $2,000,000

I often criticize the WWE's writers, but I've been amazed at the character development they've bestowed on Batista. Simply, they've allowed him to have some common sense. He's realizing that he doesn't have to be HHH's second banana, but he hasn't turned on him just yet. I believe Shelton is a future superstar, but unfortunately, he came along too soon. Trish makes any list of mine, but she's on this one because with her win at NYR and Lita's injury, she'll have to be very visible, even if she doesn't compete. Muhammad Hassan is being pushed to the moon until the WWE finds someone suitable [Sgt. Slaughter?] to 'shut him up'. The ironic thing is that he actually makes some sensible points. Contrast that with the fact that he draws instant boos as soon as he walks into the ring, and it's almost like the WWE's taking a subtle jab at their own audience. Christy? See my entry for Torrie above.

Finally, while I'm not getting any sort of kickback from WWE, please sign up for their new season that starts in a few weeks. If you join up before FEB 14, it'll only cost you 4.95. If anyone from Churn Nation signs up, drop me a line in the comments form, so we can get a league started.

Take Care,
Mike G.

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