Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Of Performance Art, Metal Skewers, and Hot Chicks....

Still in recovery mode from TicketStock. I also cemented my reputation as a glutton for punishment when I volunteered for the P1 Sideshow. Along with a Gyrating Big Dave and a man who swallows inflated baloons, I decided to go with a more cerebral approach. Considering the three of us were meant to be the lead-in for Zamora the Torture King, it was a tall order indeed.

Actually, the whole thing started out as a joke, but somehow it mutated into something more.

I figurd the wisest approach was to appeal to as large an audience as possible. With that in mind I enlisted the help of Big Anthony, another "man of size" and minor Ticket Celebrity.

I decided to to a sort of poetry slam/spoken word piece, along with a bit of physical comedy. I won't recap it here, as exposure to the original performance almost drained all lifeforce from the room. I will say that throwing those oranges at Big Anthony is a joy that will be long cherished. While the crowd reaced with question marks over their heads, Zamora did give me the obligatory coffee shop finger snaps. Note: this was before he skewered his biceps and throat.

Take care folks.

Mike G.

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