Wednesday, February 18, 2004


I'm busier than a Texas Air National Guardsman without a plane.

Some big personal news on the horizon, when things become clearer I'll let the world know.

Dropped by the local Hooters for the Coach McClay radio show. For those who aren't aware, Will McClay is the new head coach for your Dallas Desperados of the Arena Football League. Last week they narrowly defeated owner Jon Bon Jovi's Philadelphia Soul 51-47. Click here for more info on the AFL.

Tomorrow/today, I'll be on the P1WAC discussing WWE No Way Out, around 9:00. so please tell all your friends and relatives.

And now, some trailers to make you smile:

Goin to the old school...

When Hell is full...

And finally, corporate America looks to ruin it for everyone yet again, this time it's the Polaroid people, who say that 'shaking it' a la OutKast, can actually damage pictures. Check here.

Take care folks.

Mike G.

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