Saturday, October 31, 2009

Important Question...

In the movie Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Bill and Ted are murdered by evil robot duplicates sent back in time to prevent the utopia their music will bring about. In the afterlife, they challenge Death to a battle of wits. If they win, Death becomes their servant.

After winning their challenge, B and T ask Death to take them to the greatest scientist in the history of the universe in order to create good robot versions of themselves to fight their doppelgangers.

Death then takes them to Heaven, where after some well-timed Poison lyrics, they are directed to a plaza, where they meet Station, a pair of short hairy aliens. Death comments on B and T's arrogance for believing Earth would have the greatest scientist ever. Oh, Station was playing charades in Heaven. Einstein guessed it right.

Now the question:

Was Station dead? If not, why would they be in Heaven then? And if they were, does that mean that when aliens die, they go to the Judeo-Christian version of Heaven? Since humans were responsible for Original Sin, do aliens get a free pass?

I've got a lot of sugar running through my system right now.

Mike G.

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Lindsay said...

IF one believes in all that God stuff, then they would believe he created EVERYTHING (like the heavens and other planets and stars and other life) that model...I'm guessing when aliens die they go to heaven too. Either that or the aliens are so intelligent they created a teleporter to heaven so they can play charades with dead people. You can't really question the logic of B and T unless you want your brain to hurt. (I think it's because of the severe LACK of logic).

I have courage now because your blog recommends so much to me, so I'll give ya some back.