Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reaching Out...


A new blog post.

What could possibly be behind it? Some life-shattering new development, or personal realization?

Nah, just a plea for cheap stuff.

But before the begging, a quick plug.

for those of you with XM Radio, [if you don't have XM, you're more than welcome to click here to sign up] there's a station called Fungus on channel 53. Their focus is on punk/hardcore/ska and every Tuesday evening they feature cover songs on the show Duped. I tell you, you have not lived till you hear a ska cover of Billy Joel's It's Still Rock and Roll To Me.

Back to the begging.

Once upon a time I could satisfy my action figure obsession quite easily. However, circumstances very much within my control have forced me to downsize-both figuratively and literally. Smaller scale collectibles are now more my style.

Of course, in a large metropolitan area, this would be no problem. But when the grand opening of a Wienerschnitzel causes traffic snarls and write-ups in the local paper, one sees the need to branch out.

But as of yet, eBay has yet to come to my rescue, and so I turn to my audience of thous-I mean hundr-I mean tens.

For those within the sound of this blog, I send out a humble request. If you live near a mall or shopping center with a Suncoast/Samgoody/FYE, please check and see if there are any Marvel Minimate sets, especially if they feature the Scarlet Spider and the Hobgoblin. I am prepared to pay for the items along with the cost of shipping and a finders fee to be negotiated. you will also receive as a bonus a completely fawning and gushing profile on this blog. You can then link to it and refer your friends to it, over time making it true!

Please leave comments below.

Mike G.


David said...

found hobgoblin/scarlet spider on ebay, dont know if you found it already...

Thesporq said...

Thanks, but spending 20 bucks for one set of figures is hard to swallow, even for an obsessive like me. MG