Monday, April 10, 2006


Well, not as such.

I will be visiting family this week, so while I won't be able to update as usual, I'll be adding at least one or two audio posts and a cellphone pic.

Before I leave, a small observation about this weekend. Sunday was the big NASCAR Race at Texas Motor Speedway, attended by about 189,000 people. Sunday was also the day where people across the nation marched in support of immigration reform. Here in Dallas, the crowds were estimated to be between 350,000 to half a million.

I guess the Chamber of Commerce is right when they say that Dallas has something for everyone.

Second, if you love kittens[and who doesn't] my pal Devin's just lousy with them. It the perfect chaser after you've seen something like this.

Finally, here's a funny T-shirt to let everyone know your affiliation.

Mike G.

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