Sunday, April 04, 2004

Laying the Biblical Smack Down...

Some of you probably know that Glorious Appearing, has hit the shelves. It's the final[?] book in the Left Behind series, that tells what happens after the Rapture. It's basically the Book of Revelation, complete with Anti-Christ, Mark Of The Beast, Plagues, and a showdown between God and Satan.

Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you.

I will admit I've been scanning the books, but not for the inspiring tales of faith. As any comic reader knows, it's easy to cheer for the hero, but when you develop the villian, the story becomes more compelling. The more you believe that Dr. Doom or Ultron might actually win, the more you have invested in the book.

Yes, you've got the ultimate villain, but honestly, this story is only going to end one way. Now, I don't really fault the authors given their core audience, but what would have happened if......


AGENT: Now fellas, I gotta say I loved the book. Absolutely loved it. All praise and Amen and all that jazz. But me and the boys were thinking, how's about we pull a twist on the audience?


AGENT: You know, like The Ususal Suspects, Sixth Sense, Se7en, that sort of thing. What say at the end of the book, God and his armies of angels against Satan...and the big guy loses? You can't buy that kind of publicity!

Come on, someone said something like that.

Also, this might just be me, but I think I'm starting to figure out why Bush has such a friendly relationship with the 'Religious Right'. For them, life on Earth is really just a warmup for the Final Battle between good and evil. That battle won't happen until the world gets pushed to the brink. Given Bush's track record, who better to usher us right on through to Armageddon?

Just a thought.

Take Care,

Mike G.

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