Saturday, September 13, 2003

Saying Goodbye...

Both John Ritter and Johnny Cash bid farewell to us today. I hope that their friends and familes can take some solace in the joy each of them brought to this world.

Till we see you again.

Brace For Impact...

This might seem like flame bait, but Paul Krugman's column in the New York Times is sobering stuff, even more if it turns out to be true.

Vote Early, and Often!

No, it's not the recall election in California, it's the first issue of Wildguard, a comic that combines superheroics with the less than savory world of shows like American Idol. A brand new super-team is being formed, and heroes of all sorts are auditioning. Only five will make the cut, with the final member being selected from the Wildguard website. Check it out, if you can.

Take care,
Mike G.

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