Sunday, December 28, 2008

Really?! No...Really?!

Oh. My. Gob.

So that's how you want to end the season, Cowboys?

And you still want/need us to pay record-breaking PSLs just for the right to buy tickets to your new mega-stadium?

Well done men.

Cheers all around.

I guess I'll just wait for the eventual collapse of the Stars and Mavs, and make this a complete Dallas Sports Season. [The Rangers don't count]

Mike G.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Updating the blog to get Sportsy...

So due to San Diego's defeat of Tampa Bay, the Dallas Cowboys, who are lowly but surely cementing their status as premier choke artists in the second half of both the season and individual games, need only to beat the hated Philadelphia Eagles to advance to the post-season.


Best of luck to the Boys, but if I'm Jerry Jones, I would make sure that the new stadium has plenty of events lined up next year after December, cause football probably won't be one of them.

Mike G.

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