Wednesday, October 29, 2003

What is Going On!?!?!

Big day for fans of the picture-box.

In a nice little circle-of-life thing, we said hello and goodbye tonight.

We said Hello to a brand new day for Kiefer Sutherland and all his pals at CTU. Rumor has it he's in for another long day. But more important than that, here's hoping that sweet, clean Elisha Cuthbert/Kim Bauer finds plenty of excuses to run in snug fitting t-shirts.

I wound up taping the season opener of 24, and that was because of an ordinary guy named Matt.

The Joe Schmo Show wrapped up in style tonight. For those of you unfamiliar, here's a quick synopsis:

Matt Gould signed on to appear on a reality show called Lap of Luxury, with 8 other people. Through a series of challenges and voting ceremonies, the houseguests are eliminated, with the last person standing winning a hundred grand.

The twist is that all the houseguests are actors, each playing a different cliche of reality shows [Schemer, Grizzled Veteran, A$$hole, etc]. The competitions are all rigged, and the only one not in on the secret is Matt.

In an odd twist from other reality shows, Matt became more likable as the show progressed. He consistently showed through his words and actions to be a genuinely good guy, and wound up winning over the cast and crew.

While watching this show, I've always maintained that the producers wanted to find someone who wouldn't evoke too much sympathy, making it easier to mess with their mind. Matt probably threw a big wrench in those plans, and possibly changed the whole tone of the show.

I highly recommend that everyone catch this show as SpikeTV replays this show.

Take care,

Mike G.

Friday, October 24, 2003


To Scott Kurtz, creator of the comic book PvP, and Todd Nauck, the creator behind Wildguard.

They were signing their books and doing sketches at Zeus Comics here in Dallas, in advance of the Dallas ComiCon this weekend. Right now I've laid out all of my money on my dinner table, since it's a fair bet I'll be parting with it.

Good night/morning,

Mike G.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


First off, some belated thank-yous to
Big Dick and the P1WAC For allowing me and the P1 Wrestling fans to whip 99% of the Ticket's listening audience with PPV Recap talk.

Second, I've decided to take a page from my friend Brother Mike and make a list. These aren't in any particular order, and are just things that I think you would be interested in:

The Switch

Carbonated fruit juice. Fairly simple idea, but genius as well. Pick some up if you get a chance.

Jake 2.0

A great show that has the misfortune to be on UPN. A mix of sci-fi and action, with some touching moments in between.

A great website that keeps track of the world of file-sharing. Whichever side you're on, it's a useful resource.

Warp Mints

Fairly strong mints that also have a kick of Guarana, Ginseng and Ginkgo.


Don't laugh. Besides the instant time travel from the scent, it's great for stress.

Tiffany Reich

Actually, this doesn't belong on the list. I just wanted to put her name out there into the ether. If you're out there....

I'll tell the story some other time.

Jamba Juice

Is ther anything better than a cold Orange Berry Blitz?

That's all I've got for now. Take care folks.

Mike G.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


To the entire Chicago Cubs organization....

Thank you for stopping me before I jumped on the bandwagon. I know lots of teams are always doing everything they can to attract more fans and generate interest, but you guys know better.

Sure, the World Series would have been great, but what about all those people who just buy a cap and say they're "real fans"? And what happens if you don't win?

Yeah, this might be difficult, but it's the only way to make sure you know who the true fans are.

Thanks again,

Mike G.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Failed Film Foments Flu Flap; Feeling Foul...

I love alliteration.

The Surgeon General can quote all the studies and the CDC can have all the evidence it wants.

All I know is:

1. I walked into The House of The Dead completely healthy.

2. I walked out completely stricken with some sort of hideous disease.

For two days I was confined to my room with all the strength of a wet napkin.

I can only speak praise to the narcotic power of generic Nyquil.


Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Are You Ready for Some Footbizzle?

Like most of the nation, I missed the Indianapolis Colts' comeback against Tampa Bay. But I did catch the intro, which featured the always genius Jack Black.

As the unmistakable tones of Hank Williams Jr. asked me if I was fully prepared to witness the sport of football, there was...someone else joining in.

The D-O-Double G, Snoop Dogg, for the rest of you.

I had underestimated the public's outcry for this collaboration, but there it was.

Not sure if that qualifies as one of the Signs of the Apocalypse, but I'll keep checking.

Mike G.

Saturday, October 04, 2003


Forgive the lateness of this post.

Last night/this morning I took part in the 1-year anniversary of the P1 Wild Ass Circus at a local chicken wing joint. The broadcast took place from 8pm-2am and was sort of a class reunion for past guests. We had calls from the Smothers Brothers, Bob Zmuda and TV's Grizzly Adams, Dan Haggerty. We also had a special appearance from the great Ray Stone of the Dallas Cowboys Football Report.

I met a bunch of other listeners and had a great time just being a part of something that most thought wouldn't last 6 months.

Thanks to the crew of The Ticket, Big Dick Hunter and all of the P1s. And special thanks to our waitress Ashley, who was quick, attentive and...very easy on the eyes. Long story short, she decided not to press charges.

Take care, and see you later.